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Finished: 10 PM Fri 20 Jun 14 UTC
Featured Sam I Am-2
18 hours /phase
Pot: 1009 D - Autumn, 2014, Finished
World Diplomacy IX, Public messaging only, Anonymous players, Survivors-Win Scoring
1 excused missed turn
Game won by sirdallas (1202 D)

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Chat archive

02 Jun 14 UTC Autumn, 2007: [Kenya]:It's autumn 2007 and the world is a changin.' Sao Paulo remains a green zone in preparation for the World Cup, which may ironically be held in Africa again. A dense fog lasting many days caused fleets in the Atlantic Ocean to veer off course. As a result, North America and Africa are now in South America, and South America is drifting North towards Spain. What a mess. World cup preparations have not been deterred, however. European news gets more exciting as each year passes.The Libyan diaspora have found a strange new home in war-torn Syria and Turkey. BBC news reports that they just want to "settle down." Putin is weak in the knee's as Ukraine and Belarus join the EU. Perhaps Britain will leave to balance things though?
Australia still doesn't know who they are and India slowly envelops the unsuspecting Siberian native tribes. America just can't get enough and Saskatchewan waits in silence for a message about what is going on in the world. They don't even know a war is happening.
04 Jun 14 UTC Autumn, 2008: [Libya]:Nice, buddy!
04 Jun 14 UTC Spring, 2009: [Argentina]:What's it like putting in 28 orders?
04 Jun 14 UTC Spring, 2009: [Argentina]:or 26 I guess.
04 Jun 14 UTC Spring, 2009: [Kenya]:I spend the better part of 2 hours inputting moves. Sometimes I wish I was Australia.
04 Jun 14 UTC Spring, 2009: [Kenya]:How is the weather in France this time of year?
04 Jun 14 UTC Spring, 2009: [Argentina]:A little warm.
05 Jun 14 UTC Spring, 2009: [Oz]:Ouch.
05 Jun 14 UTC Spring, 2009: [Kenya]:What I meant was, I wish I had the grace and mobility of Australia. <3
05 Jun 14 UTC Spring, 2009: [Kenya]:Let's take a moment of silence for the great people of Iraq who were senselessly slaughtered by Libyan and Iranian terrorists.
06 Jun 14 UTC Autumn, 2009: [Libya]:I have only freed them out of the oppression of the kenyan warlord. Now they're with the friendly people from Libya. You know that displaced and oppressed people have to stick together in this bad world! Greetings from your small neighbor in the north!

btw you can't lull me with your great war reports, i know that you try to take over the world! Hope you'll be stopped soon by the indian tiger in the east or a steady storm of maple leafs in the west!
06 Jun 14 UTC Autumn, 2009: [Kenya]:*slow clap* x3 for Libya - hehehe.
08 Jun 14 UTC Spring, 2010: [Libya]:Oh, did i forget to send you my congratulation?
09 Jun 14 UTC Autumn, 2010: [Oz]:Farewell, mates. Good on ya!
10 Jun 14 UTC Spring, 2011: [India]:Fare thee well; rest thy soul. May no nether fiend bar you from Nirvana.
10 Jun 14 UTC Spring, 2011: [Kenya]:
11 Jun 14 UTC Autumn, 2011: [Kenya]:War Report 2011: Libya retains control in the Caucasus Region, along with the ancient kingdom of Armenia, which nobody seems too bothered by. It took almost the entire game up till now, but Europe is united and finally on the move. India's eastern front has reclaimed some territory. Argentina is survived by it's descendants in New Zealand and Australia. The world cup will be held in Sao Paulo, Africa this year, despite concern that there may be disruptions from North American terrorist cells. The Mayor of Brazil has assured the public that this will be dealt with swiftly and efficiently. The blossoming Kenyan empire wants to wish everyone a happy hump day and also to remind you that "Winter is Coming" and it's going to be a particularly bad one this year.
15 Jun 14 UTC Autumn, 2012: [Kenya]:War Report 2012: The United Nations is now called "Kenya" and the Southern Hemisphere has been renamed "The Kenyan Hemisphere." If you still exist, you will soon be welcomed into the loving and tender arms of Kenya. Don't fight it. Just submit (get it?) and enjoy the rest of the World Cup in peace.
17 Jun 14 UTC Autumn, 2013: [India]:I could do with peace.
19 Jun 14 UTC Spring, 2014: [Kenya]:Let's finalize our retreats North America... no need to post-pone the inevitable.
19 Jun 14 UTC Spring, 2014: [Kenya]:It's not nice to keep Kenya waiting.
20 Jun 14 UTC [India]:Someone told me the game would end this turn. Methinks it may.
20 Jun 14 UTC [Libya]:Just two more SCs for the Kenyan hemisphere...
20 Jun 14 UTC [India]:By god, it won't be Libya. Libya must survive until the bitter.
20 Jun 14 UTC [Libya]:Thanks my friend! You know, using chemical weapons makes you more durable... Well, that's what some people down there are thinking... Not me in real!
btw, I'm curious to see who is who in this game!
20 Jun 14 UTC [Kenya]:This message is sponsored by the Kenyan Association of Marathon Runners.
20 Jun 14 UTC [Libya]:Congratulations! Well played, Sirdallas!
Hope there will be also a final war report, once the final countdown ist over...
20 Jun 14 UTC [Libya]:Congratulations! Well played, Sirdallas!
Hope there will be also a final war report, once the final countdown ist over...
20 Jun 14 UTC [Kenya]:Good game guys! Thanks Libya. Congrats on your survival. I was hoping you'd stay alive, deep in my heart. Libya will always be part of me. So, who is everyone??
20 Jun 14 UTC [Kenya]:I had a feeling Pete was yellow and Shigzeo was India. I also had a feeling you'd both go for Guanzhou, so I knew it was safe for me. haha.