Finished: 02 PM Fri 24 Jan 14 UTC
Postmodern gunboat
1 day /phase
Pot: 542 D - Autumn, 2015, Finished
Modern Diplomacy II, No messaging, Anonymous players, Draw-Size Scoring
1 excused missed turn
Game won by vasvla (1220 D)

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23 Jan 14 UTC I take full responsibility for allowing a solo - it was my first game on this map & I am getting through a rough period in life, so I made some mistakes like losing Morocco which allowed France to reach 33. My apologies.
23 Jan 14 UTC although it would have been nice if Ukraine & Egypt brought their fleets east a bit earlier..
23 Jan 14 UTC west that is
23 Jan 14 UTC You're right; there was no reason to be sitting on our fleets like that. But it would've been tough to coordinate a defense with no in-game messaging. And you lost Morocco before you even sent your own Adriatic fleet over there. But I'll certainly take the blame for not coming to Russia's aid before it was too late.
23 Jan 14 UTC Thank you for good game, everyone.

Anlari, I agree Morocco takeover was decisive (maybe the best tactical move in my whole diplomacy career) all together with others (Egypt in the first place) not involving to help you there. But, gunboat games bring such things. Maybe Egypt didn't want to disturb you as two of you had hard battle not so long before.

Strategically, I tried to keep you in front of southern half of the map as long as possible, so I don't clash strong Egypt too early. Prolonging to pick side between you and Spain also helped a lot.

My middle game plan was to make 2-way draw with you but when I saw you are attacking neither Ukraine nor Russia, I saw you'll turn against me. I neither attacked you first nor entered Andalusia, trying to signal that my intentions are not against you even I had power to stab and fight you at the same time I fought Russia. After all, when it was clear what you were doing, I said to myself: "OK, lets push until victory or stalemate" And victory it is...

I wish you good luck in real life to solve all of the problems you face.
23 Jan 14 UTC yeah, Spain kind of messed up the game for both me and him/herself by relentlessly pursuing an attack he/she could not possibly succeed in. I think I had good growth in the beginning but that put me behind a lot. Afterwards I could not attack Ukraine for fear of making Egypt too strong, and did not have enough time to attack Egypt. In the end I attacked you out of desperation to stop your expansion before it led to a solo. After a number of mishaps (entering the wrong orders at some points, messing up the initial stab, and the morocco maneuver which in a good day I would have seen coming) it ended up a solo anyway.
23 Jan 14 UTC and yes the fleet hanging out in Adriatic was another mistake - for some reason I really expected an attack through Piedmont or Slovakia which never occurred, and let my guard down too much on the supposedly secure front in the west.