Finished: 10 AM Sun 30 Dec 12 UTC
World War 3-13
1 day /phase
Pot: 111 D - Autumn, 2000, Finished
World Diplomacy IX, Draw-Size Scoring
1 excused missed turn
Game drawn

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Chat archive


26 Dec 12 UTC Spring, 2000: [South-Africa]:I was beginning to worry we wouldn't make 17 - gl hf everyone
26 Dec 12 UTC Spring, 2000: [Near-East]:Don't worry! I'm here to save the day!
27 Dec 12 UTC [Near-East]:SO MANY PEOPLE SKIPPED!!
27 Dec 12 UTC [Oz]:yeah, that does kind of suck
27 Dec 12 UTC [Western-Canada]:South Africa is probably going to have it easier than he thought haha
27 Dec 12 UTC [South-Africa]:Oh man, for once Sth Africa cuts a break
27 Dec 12 UTC [Brazil]:I haven't been playing this for a very long time, but does South Africa usually have a very poor position then?
27 Dec 12 UTC [Near-East]:I wouldn't know. For some reason, I've ALWAYS been picked to play India. For once, I'm playing Near East.
27 Dec 12 UTC [Frozen-Antarctica]:Hmmm ..... 3 players called diplo1, diplo12 and diplo123 all log on at the same time and all go NMR...... Perhaps a little suspicious?
27 Dec 12 UTC [Brazil]:I would say that is quite an unusual coincidence. Maybe a bit too unusual.
27 Dec 12 UTC [Near-East]:Yeah, better get that fixed. Highly unlikely that those 3 players concidentally had very similar names plus the fact that they NMR'ed plus the fact that they logged in at the same time plus the fact that um........we should contact someone?
27 Dec 12 UTC [Near-East]:forget what I said, actually.
28 Dec 12 UTC [Kenya]:Ya that is wierd
28 Dec 12 UTC [Europe]:very
28 Dec 12 UTC [India]:very
28 Dec 12 UTC [Russia]:Wow! Either this is the biggest coincidence of all time or a very lousy cheater, and I think it is going to be second
28 Dec 12 UTC [Kenya]:Really this coming from the guy whos playing as russia
28 Dec 12 UTC [Kenya]:what now you can't talk
28 Dec 12 UTC [Western-Canada]:you suck at cheating dawg. Unless you're trying to give it away. which is a possibility but someone should contact the admin. Possibly antarctica since he's like a golden member.
28 Dec 12 UTC [Western-Canada]:you're cheating and you're still getting run over by the countries bordering you. you suck fool gtfo here and let someone take over so the rest of us can have some fair competition