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Finished: 11 PM Wed 06 May 09 UTC
Private Texas Secede
3 days /phase
Pot: 30 D - Autumn, 1901, Finished
Classic, Survivors-Win Scoring
1 excused missed turn
Game drawn

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03 May 09 UTC Spring, 1901: Greetings, all. The peace-loving people of England would just like say that we bear no ill-will toward anyone, despite rumblings of war and imperialism on other fronts.
03 May 09 UTC Spring, 1901: If you have any questions please ask.
04 May 09 UTC Spring, 1901: When and how are more units obtained?
04 May 09 UTC Spring, 1901: Also, why is the time off by an hour? I set it correctly. -6 GMT
04 May 09 UTC Spring, 1901: Ah, no daylight savings time.
04 May 09 UTC Spring, 1901: Each turn is divided into 2 steps Fall and spring
we start on the fall and each spring you count the number of supply centers( those circle dots) that you have you gain units if you have more sc than units and lose units if you have fewer sc. you may only build new units on your home 3 centers. if you were to gain 3 units but had a army (in your case) at paris you could only build 2 more units at Brest and marseilles. further if you could build ar paris you could only build a army and not a navy becuase Paris has no water connected to it. Only in the case of St Petersburg would you have to specify north or south coust. hope that answered your questions. if not...
04 May 09 UTC Spring, 1901: England officially declares war on Italy.
04 May 09 UTC Spring, 1901: Russia declares war on Italy
04 May 09 UTC Spring, 1901: England would like to point out that just because Russia has also declared war on Italy does not mean that England has any dealings with Russia whatsoever.
05 May 09 UTC Spring, 1901: Why do these Englishmen sound so French?
05 May 09 UTC Spring, 1901: It's the pink font.
06 May 09 UTC Spring, 1901: Sauerkraut! We arrrr not, not intending any konflict with the sovereignty of Rrrussia. We muzt howeverrr reinforce our borders. SO, no funny biznezz Rrrsussia!
06 May 09 UTC Spring, 1901: The brrrave men of Gerrrmany do so declare warrrrr on Holland!
06 May 09 UTC Fear not. I have commissioned Scotland Yard to track down and locate Turkey. No one can seem to find him anywhere...
06 May 09 UTC England would also like to point out to the rest of the world that within a season, Russia will have SIX and maybe even SEVEN supply centers, making him the greatest threat to global peace the world has ever known. We urge Russia to back down from their imperialistic plans with all due haste.
06 May 09 UTC The Russian trrrraitorrr must be crrrrushed!
06 May 09 UTC I hearby decleare WAR on Serpentine germans. I ask all other human empires to join in this crusade.
06 May 09 UTC England announces a new peace initiative. A new treaty has been signed with Italy, ending all hostilities.
06 May 09 UTC Does England then claim that any who attack Italy will feel the English wrath?
06 May 09 UTC An end of hostilities is far different from a mutual protection alliance.