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Finished: 02 AM Wed 06 Feb 13 UTC
Featured Private Cachimbo High Stake Adventure
2 days /phase
Pot: 1400 D - Autumn, 1910, Finished
Classic, Anonymous players, Draw-Size Scoring
1 excused missed turn
Game won by Cachimbo (1181 D)
16 Jan 13 UTC Spring, 1908: It's only one day late, but it does add to a story of "douche-baggery"...

I'll wait a few more hours and will get in touch with the mods then.
16 Jan 13 UTC Spring, 1908: Hi original message indicating the pause, not sure if you noticed, but he copy and pasted my wording exactly when I asked to extend the pause.
16 Jan 13 UTC Spring, 1908: Hahaha!!! Thanks for bringing that to my attention! Funny... and lame.

What's sad, though, is that the guy is on the site right now and he's not doing a thing about it. He's likely waiting for us to get the mods involved or... for someone to bring it up as I just did.
16 Jan 13 UTC Spring, 1908: But then, it looks as though Russia has forgotten about us as well...
16 Jan 13 UTC Spring, 1908: Nice work Scherlock. You should examine the forum news the way you examine old messages. You would do that if you weren't a common scumbag though.
16 Jan 13 UTC Spring, 1908: Dude... I have a game with you, not a pact to follow you where ever you roam. I don't give a bloody crap about the forums when it comes to a game. This, here, the global chat, is the only forum I need to be concerned with. So if you have an issue or something to say, this is the right place to do it. And it's the only bloody place to do it if you're going to show a shred of respect to the people you've agreed to play with. Hate me all you want, call me whatever name you care to call me, but at least have some decency where the other players are concerned.

So yeah... please unpause the game as you have promised to do or, at the very least, offer us some valid explanation as to why you won't. It's not the responsibility of the other players to fish for information regarding this game elsewhere than here.
16 Jan 13 UTC Spring, 1908: For example... would you care to explain why you took the time to drop a (very nice and polite) line on the global chat but did not see it as an opportunity to unpause?
16 Jan 13 UTC Spring, 1908: Why don't you ask Russia why he doesn't unpase,faggott?
16 Jan 13 UTC Spring, 1908: I love it when you talk sexy to me...

If you take a second to read what I've just written, I did mention the fact that Russia has not shown a sign of life either, that it could be an issue. If need be, I'll write the mods about that. But in the meantime, can I suggest that you stop trying to redirect the attention elsewhere and that you live up to your word? Like I said, disrespect me all you want, but why would you want to disrespect the other players?
16 Jan 13 UTC Spring, 1908: Just draw now :)
Then no one cares :)
16 Jan 13 UTC Spring, 1908: hehehehe!!!
16 Jan 13 UTC Spring, 1908: I told you faggott - read the forum and then apologise to me.
16 Jan 13 UTC Spring, 1908: Like I said, pretty boy...
I don't need to run around looking for your reasons.

Will you, or will you not, unpause this game? I just need to know if I have to write the mods.

Thanks for your collaboration.
16 Jan 13 UTC Spring, 1908: All right... Wrote the mods. It's not that I don't like being abused by idiots, but this conversation is obviously not going anywhere.
16 Jan 13 UTC Spring, 1908: You can go fuck yourself in that case.
16 Jan 13 UTC Spring, 1908: I love you too, pretty boy.
16 Jan 13 UTC Spring, 1908: (yebellz): I'll email Russia to see where he is.

France, is there a reason why you are not voting to unpause? You seem to have asked for a pause until the 15th and appear to be present now.
16 Jan 13 UTC Spring, 1908: Voted. Two days ago.
16 Jan 13 UTC Spring, 1908: And you didn't feel like sharing this info with us because...?
16 Jan 13 UTC Spring, 1908: @france - you vote doesn't appear to have registered mate. Also as this is an anonymous game we wouldn't be aware of any forum post that would relate to the game. I'm aware of some members that are having issues but I don't know if that's you or not. If you wanted to ask for a pause in game I'm sure you'll be extended the same courteousy as others.
16 Jan 13 UTC Spring, 1908: There was discussion in the forum yesterday regarding a bug with the new update and the ability to unpause games. I am just remembering this now. A group of players posted to the forum saying that they voted but it was not registering.

So, there is probably some credence to this.
16 Jan 13 UTC Spring, 1908: I found that thread and thought the same.

And yes, I'm more than willing to believe that this is the issue here as well.

In truth though, I don't care what the reason is. If someone needs a pause for some reason not entirely selfish, I'm more than happy to wait the time. If there's an issue with the coding, I'm happy to bring it to the mods' attention to get it fixed. Whatever the problem, I'll be the first one to say that it's just a game and to try and find a solution that is okay with all.

I take issue, however, with the disrespectful attitude of certain players. And I'm not talking about calling me names or insulting me in one way or another. I couldn't care less about that -- even if I will readily confess that I could seriously do without it. Meanwhile, we did agree to play this together and a very minimal level of respect and decency would be to communicate issues or problems to the others so that we can address them. Sending us on the forum in a wild goose chase, or refusing to provide any answers to practical questions, that's just showing contempt towards the people who have entertained you in this game.

Not that it means much, and not that he'll care, but I can promise you I will never be caught again playing a game with the player behind France. I come here to play and enjoy the intelligence of strong minded people, not to be insulted and dismissed.
16 Jan 13 UTC Spring, 1908: And really france all you needed to say was: My unpause order is glitched. Two days ago when you tried. And you would have been showing your respect for your fellow players.
16 Jan 13 UTC Spring, 1908: Hmm it seems my unpause is glitched as well. I've been around, just not commenting. I was going to vote unpause after France got back so I was aware on the game state.
16 Jan 13 UTC Spring, 1908: Glad to know you're still around Russia!

Well, so there's a glitch... The mods are aware of it and things should be in order before long. It's a shame things had to get dirty before we came to realize that this was the issue, but that's that and I'm sure we're all just happy to be moving on.
16 Jan 13 UTC Spring, 1908: The mods have been force unpausing other games with this issue. So we should be up and running soon
16 Jan 13 UTC Spring, 1908: I guess I should enter some orders!!! Not sure if I've had long enough time to consider them though....
16 Jan 13 UTC Spring, 1908: I'll be honest. I've completely forgotten why I disbanded Bud. Or the moves I had planned for this turn. I've even half forgotten who is on who's side
17 Jan 13 UTC Spring, 1908: (yebellz): There appears to be a bug preventing Russia and France from voting unpause, however they both have expressed that they want to unpause.

This is a rather new bug (somehow related to recent release) and Kestas is looking into it. Force unpausing seems to be a viable work around, but I just want to check with Kestas real quick, before I force unpause, so as to not inadvertently hamper any debugging efforts (since I know he was online recently and might be looking into this specific issue).

I'm aware that this game has already been inordinately delayed by this issue, and I'll come back online later tonight (within a few hours) and force unpause in case I haven't heard back.

Sorry for the delay.
17 Jan 13 UTC Spring, 1908: No worries, thanks brew.
17 Jan 13 UTC Spring, 1908: Cheers! Thansks.
22 Jan 13 UTC Autumn, 1908: What should I disband?
23 Jan 13 UTC Autumn, 1908: Portugal? Edi? Adr?
23 Jan 13 UTC Autumn, 1908: North Sea. You need to continue with your great partnership and have faith in your ally.
23 Jan 13 UTC Autumn, 1908: Adr
23 Jan 13 UTC Autumn, 1908: You need adriatic to get back venice,trieste and budapest. He need to give up on scandinavia and to hold north sea. Disband bothnia and move nth - nwg,eng - nth,mao - eng,spa - mao,gulf - spa and stalemate him like this. Adr supp apu - ven and albania cuts trieste. Greece goes to gulf of lyons and con to black to help for rum and sev...
23 Jan 13 UTC Autumn, 1908: In fact portugal to spain and gulf cuts piedmont so albania could defend serbia instead.
26 Jan 13 UTC Spring, 1909: Gentlemen...

(assuming you are all gentlemen, of course)

I will let this phase run its course, if you don't mind too much, as I will be travelling this weekend and will therefore not be available for negotiations.

Thank you for your kind understanding.
29 Jan 13 UTC Autumn, 1909: It's a bit poopy that Russia has left... I recall him saying that he was ridiculously busy as well and so I'm not entirely surprised that he might have forgotten about his last unit here (or maybe thought it would disappear this phase), but it's still a shame.
30 Jan 13 UTC Autumn, 1909: Hm, I actually hadn't left. In fact, I put in orders. I have no idea why they didn't save or why I went into Civil Disorder. Thats certainly odd. Oh well, i'm back now, for however long, I suppose. :P
30 Jan 13 UTC Autumn, 1909: Yay!
03 Feb 13 UTC I'm sorry guys I'm bored with this game, it seems eng and Germany want a 50/50 or Germany wants eng to think that he will get a 50/50 draw. Either way t matters not to me. I'm no longer supporting Russia and may tap bul just to see if Germany has ruthless streak or really does value draws and alliances. No hard feelings, play with you all again soon.
03 Feb 13 UTC I understand your reaction and know I've had an important part in creating this situation by asking for a pause (which later was extended) and letting phases draw out (because I just couldn't keep up with it given real life constraints). I therefore apologize for participating in making things boring for the others.
I appreciate the end of your message as well, and I also want to say that, save one player on this table, I will be glad to face you all again very soon.
I doubt this game will hold much surprises at this point, so chances are we'll all be moving a bit faster. Myself included. Myself most of all!
05 Feb 13 UTC That's what you get England!
05 Feb 13 UTC First time I ever tried that. I won't pretend to try and explain my decision making to you all. Quite simply - I believed very strongly in Germany's word. We do not need to get into more detail unless you really wish. He and I will liekly be having a pretty detailed EOG.

in any event - I offer my apology to Maniac and damian for this - I offered them no role in the decision and we could have had a different outcome.

achilles/warlegend - I offer no apology because Russia had just as big a hand in it all as I did. Achilles, I can't feel sorry for a player who did not exchange any real thoughts with me all game. I don't want to play in a game with you again until you learn to play like the rest of us.

Anyway, thanks for the game. Sorry again.
05 Feb 13 UTC Why am I not surprised that Split Diplomat was France.

Good game everyone. Apology accepted Lando. I wish you'd given me the opportunity to talk talk you out of it. And wgile I may not have appreciated you attempt at a two way I enjoyed playing with you. Congratulations on a game well played Germany
05 Feb 13 UTC Lando, I don't believe what you said is true, but I respect your opinion and your honesty, so no problem. I don't think the attempt at a two way was a good idea-but I doubt you will care what I think after that post.
Good game.
05 Feb 13 UTC Lando, I don't believe what you said is true, but I respect your opinion and your honesty, so no problem. I don't think the attempt at a two way was a good idea-but I doubt you will care what I think after that post.
Good game.
05 Feb 13 UTC Oops, sorry about the double post, I'm on my phone :(
05 Feb 13 UTC Yes, because my one SC changed the game and made you leave Sweden/go for a two way draw when there was about a 0% chance it could even happen if Germany was sincere. But either way, congrats Germany, i'm glad you could pull a win out of this and I did greatly enjoy playing with you, even as you took my SC's :P

Good game to everyone else too btw!

Start Backward Open large map Forward End

Cachimbo (1181 D)
Won. Bet: 200 D, won: 1400 D
20 supply-centers, 16 units
Survived. Bet: 200 D
7 supply-centers, 9 units
Maniac (344 D (B))
Survived. Bet: 200 D
3 supply-centers, 3 units
damian (675 D)
Survived. Bet: 200 D
2 supply-centers, 3 units
achillies27 (100 D)
Survived. Bet: 200 D
1 supply-centers, 2 units
WarLegend (598 D)
Survived. Bet: 200 D
1 supply-centers, 1 units
SplitDiplomat (101495 D)
Defeated. Bet: 200 D
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